where are offline files, what does "go online" mean???

I've lost two maps now - went to file, did a save, it said file saved offline, go online to synch.

1 - how do I go online? I am using bCisive in my browser, I am already online 2 - where are the local files kept? (hoping to find my missing maps)

by JamesStikeleather
3 years ago

I have had this occur several times before and would be similarly interested in any responses.

2 years ago

Hi, when you are online bCisive will get a notification/trigger that you are online and the offline files should be synced automaticly. The local files are kept in a local browser database, called indexedDB, you can inspect it by using the developer tools in chrome, see screenshot


by rob
2 years ago

That must be where the error is - it is not getting the online notification. It lets me load and save other maps (so I must be online), look at my profile, etc., but it will not let the map the error pops up in ever be saved. Interestingly, if you hit save again it acts like it has saved it, but what is online is the old version.

by JamesStikeleather
2 years ago

Hi @JamesStikeleather,

Well I made a little script which you can run in the console of google chrome dev tools. By using this script you can export an offline map which you than can import so that it will be saved online. Here is how:

  1. copy/pase the following script to the console of google chrome, be sure that you have the bcisive editor open in the browser.

var connection = indexedDB.open('bCisive.Documents'); connection.onsuccess = (e) => { var database = e.target.result; var transaction = database.transaction(['Documents']); var objectStore = transaction.objectStore('Documents'); var request = objectStore.get('8d85js'); request.onsuccess = (e) => { console.info(e.target.result.data); }; request.onerror = (e) => { console.error(e.target.result); }; };

  1. Change the id in the get method ('8d85js') to the id of your map, when you open a map in the editor the id is shown in the url, so you can copy/pase that.
  2. Execute the script by pressing enter.
  3. The content of the map will now be shown in the console, it starts with the row --> #bCisive File Version 200.01
  4. Copy/Pase the whole content in notepad and save it to a file using the bCisiveOnline file extension BMAP.
  5. Now import this file by using the import page --> https://www.bcisiveonline.com/maps/root/upload/
  6. It should have now saved this file online.



by rob
2 years ago


AWESOME! and Thank You!

by JamesStikeleather
2 years ago

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