Working on your Argument Maps or Analysing your Reasoning can often lead to great results on Critical Thinking. But your efforts should be in good hands. So we would like to tell you we take your online security very seriously.

Data Center

We have our servers in ISO 27001, 14001 en 9001 Certified carrier-neutral data Center in Hengelo, The Netherlands.

Security of your material

For paid accounts: When you create your Argument Maps they are Private by default. That means you are the only one to decide if you want to share your maps. You can do that by making them Unlisted (to share with people you invite) or Public (shared with the World). Together with your maps all enclosed files or images are protected with the same options.


Rationale uses different common authentication techniques to make sure you are the only one who can enter your account.
When you're account is made you have to confirm your e-mailaddress.
When you log in you only have the priviliges belonging to the account you have. You can work and view only the maps in your account or the ones that are shared with you.
So no-one else has permissions to enter your maps.

Monitor & backup

We have daily and weekly backups. Besides that we have a monitoring system watching over activity on our servers to know everything is working how it should.

For more information see our Privacy Policy.